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About Val

Val started making crafty gifts to friends and family from a young age. She would spend hours cutting pieces of paper, printing, and designing fun cards, posters, letters, and gift boxes. When it came to birthdays, anniversaries with her boyfriend and special occasions, she would give it all! In November 2018 Valery decided to dedicate her time to doing crafts again, aside from her full-time legal job.
From a personal standpoint, “Val Crafts & Gifts” gives Val that sense of empowerment in a community she has worked very hard to make her own and it serves her as the channel through which she has improved her mental health in the search for self-care.
Since then, Val Crafts and Gifts has grown to become the best friend of those looking to give an original gift to friends, family, and co-workers, initially, in the areas of New Jersey and New York.
We aim to be your first option when it comes to a well-thought gift, taking away the hassle of going to store with no time to spare and no clue of what to get. Please note, this includes self-gifting!
Relax, let us help you with that gift! (I mean, if you are reading this you are probably looking to be convinced, right? So yes, place that order, we'll make a happy gift!)

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